Gym Floor Covers

Gym Floor Protector

Facility Shield offers the best gym floor protector with our GymPro Eco Roll, and our GymPro Eco Tile systems! Both of these options are made with recycled plastic water bottles!

GymPro Eco Roll is a great alternative to cheap flimsy vinyl gym floor covers. Eco Roll offers the high end look and acoustic qualities of carpet at the price of vinyl! It is extremely light weight and durable! It stored on our lay-up racking system. We offer a power-winder and a handsome vinyl cover for our Eco Roll gym floor protector/cover,

GymPro Eco Tile is the best tile cover on the market. Not only is this innovative product aesthetically handsome, it’s the best economical and environmental decision you can make for a gym floor cover!

Save THOUSANDS of dollars over the next few years just by protecting your gym floor!