Gym Floor Cover Tiles

Gym floor cover tiles are large carpet topped tiles. GymPro® Eco-Tile is made from recycled plastic bottles, lighter than any of the competing gym floor carpeted tiles, and you can store up to 200 on our carts! (compare that to storing 60 of our competitor’s tiles on their carts). They can be installed quickly and easily. It’s a little more tedious than GymPro® Eco-Roll rolls, but you do get the benefit of a thicker surface and backing.

Gym floor cover tiles are very durable and made from polyester fibers (from recycled plastic bottles). This means it cleans easily with vacuuming or a hot water extraction-cleaning machine).

Each Eco-Tile gym floor cover tile weighs about 8.6 lbs and has a special backing to keep it from slipping out of place. Once you lay these tiles, they’re down to stay.

Eco-Tile is a great gym floor covering system if you want a more formal look to your venue or event.