Facility Shield offers highly customized and well-designed Gym Divider Curtains for schools, universities, and pro team gymnasiums across North America. The Facility Shield curtain allows simultaneous events to occur in limited gymnasium space and also act to protect bystanders or spectators from on-court action. The standard curtain is fabricated with mesh on the top, for ventilation and visibility, and a heavy vinyl on the bottom for durability. We also offer solid vinyl Gym Divider Curtains, fabricated with a hefty 19oz vinyl. The vinyl’s high tear and tensile strength means that sports activity will not damage your curtain. We will design your curtain to your needs and specifications.

• Fabricated to your required dimensions suitable to your facility’s architectural design

• Curtains available in solid vinyl, vinyl/mesh combination, or solid mesh

• Weighted curtains available with pocket for chain or lead rope

• Track and cable walk-draw systems available

• See “Colors” tab below for color options

• Logos and graphics available to feature team name, mascot, or sponsors »

On-site installation available Curtain Suspension System: This heavy-duty 16 gauge galvanized steel track features an enclosed channel which protects your rollers from dirt and dust. This gives you the highest quality track to support your gym divider curtain and last you through the life of the curtain. To carry the curtain across the track our curtain suspension system features four wheel ball bearing swivel carriers at each end of the track with nylon carriers in between. Chain and S-Hooks attach the curtain to the track.