Eco-Roll Carpeted Gym Floor Rolls Are Now Anti-Microbial!!!

In light of recent events We have worked hand in hand with the manufacturer of GymPro® Eco-Roll to develop a new and improved Eco-Roll that is Anti-Microbial Protected! The built in revolutionary, technology incorporated into Eco-Roll reduces and helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and destructive odor causing bacteria on the carpet surface. The durable protection is non-leaching, safe for users and the environment, withstands cleaning and chemicals, and remains effective throughout the life of the product. No other system on the market provides a combination of durability, upscale appearance, portability, and efficiency. The attractive, 100% recycled top layer looks and performs like carpet improving your facilities acoustics, while the non-skid backing prevents moisture penetration, keeping the floor underneath clean and dry. Our compact, custom designed, Lay-Up racking system, allows Eco Roll to deploy quickly and easily reducing labor costs and takes up very little room when stored. Don’t settle for heavy and unattractive vinyl covers. With GymPro Eco-Roll, you can’t afford to not protect your wood floors!

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